Welcome Kit

Congratulations on your home purchase in Winston Park!

The Board of Directors would like to welcome you to Our Community. We encourage you to visit Our Community Website for important information about Meetings, Current Events, Crime Prevention, Association Payment, Club House Rules, Management company information, etc.

You should have also received a copy of the By-laws and Declaration of Covenants. If not, you can pick up a copy at the Winston Park Club House or download it from our website. These Documents are the basic rules we use to run your association. It is very important for all homeowners to understand the function of the Winston Park Association as well the benefits and restrictions of living in a planned community like ours. 

The Homeowner Association is responsible for the maintenance of the Club House swimming pools, tennis courts, Gym, Adult and Teen Lounge, and the rest of the common areas including the Perimeter wall surrounding the community. The monthly Maintenance Fee as per 2019 Budget is $42 (Forty-two dollars). If you rent your home, please forward this information to your tenant to insure compliance with Association policies. Any questions you may have can be directed to our Clubhouse Management at (305) 386-3854 or (305) 386-2783, or your Board of Directors at our monthly meetings held the First Thursday of each month. As well, you can contact to Miami Management, Inc., as Winston Park Management company, at (305) 378-0130 for any additional information regarding Payments, Estoppel, etc. 

When homeowners stop paying maintenance fee, a reminder letter is sent, but sometimes it becomes necessary for the Association Attorney to become involved. The Board of Directors wishes that no one would to incur on Attorney and Collection fees, which are very expensive. Your Maintenance fee is due on the First of each month.  

Payments Options  

Winston Park HOA offers several payment options for All its Homeowners. Except CASH.

  1. Paying with Personal Checks, Cashier checks or Money Order, FREE of charge. Make it payable to WINSTON PARK ASSOCIATION INC. and write your account number to be applied correctly. You can drop it off at 8100 SW 132nd Ave, Miami FL 33183 or mail it to Miami Management Payment Processing Center at 14275 SW 142nd Ave., Miami FL 33186. If you do not receive your coupon booklet, or you lost it, please call to the Club House office to notify us.  
  2. On Line Payments using your Credit/Debit card or Checking Account. A processing FEE will be applied depending on the amount and payment method. Please call to MMI Customer Service at (305) 378-0130 to speak with a Representative and get instructions for on Line Account Access. 
  3.  ACH Automatic Payments. Free of charge. Some Homeowners do not want to write a check every month or to pay processing or Collections fees when they forget to make the payments. For that reason, Winston Park HOA offers this Payment Option FREE OF CHARGE. To enroll on this payment option, you need to have $0 Maintenance Fee Balance in your account and to fill an enrollment form including your Bank Account information. Please call to Miami Management, Inc. Customer Service at (305) 378-0130 or send an email to for details. 

Winston Park is governed by the Winston Park Association, which has been established as non-profit organization. By virtue of your real estate purchase at Winston Park, you are automatically a member of the Winston Park Association. You have the rights of voting, in return for your mandatory obligation of payment of maintenance fee and conformance to the provisions of the governing documents. As a member of the Association, you assume responsibility for the management and maintenance of the community when you purchased your property.

The Homeowners Association sponsor many activities, among them:

Eastern Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade and Picnic, Halloween Haunted House, Holiday Party, Summer Camp, Tennis Classes and Activities.

The Homeowner association has five principal objectives:

  1. To establish sound financial policy. 
  2. To establish and enforce community rules and restrictions. 
  3. To provide continued satisfactory maintenance services to the common areas and facilities. 
  4. To provide an effective mechanism for people who live in close proximity to one another, and who have diverse interest, backgrounds, and lifestyles to share Association facilities with a minimum of inconvenience. 
  5. To provide the basis for harmony among neighbors. 

Your cooperation is necessary to maintain the community as a pleasant place in which you live. You have a vested interest here; not only in your home but also in Winston Park, it will depend on the ongoing care and upkeep that is given to your home and the community at large. 

Sincerely yours,

Your Winston Park Board of Directors